Weekly Market Commentary

Market Commentary for Week Ended 9/13/2019

by David Rasmussen on Sep 13, 2019

Weekly Market Commentary

Equity markets continued to break out higher this week while bonds and other haven assets retreated.  The week was punctuated with positive US economic data and benign to slightly positive trade news.  We are within 1% of the all-time high of 3025 on the S&P 500 achieved on July 29th.  This may prove to be another line of resistance.   

Week in Review (3/23)

by Zach Marsh on Mar 26, 2018

Weekly Market Commentary

This morning, as I was considering what to write for my weekly note, I was marveling at how ill-timed a few of my guesses about market direction have been.  At the same time I was thinking how valuable it is to employ a strategy independent upon forecasting, and rather built upon a systematic process. 

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