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Q1 2020: A True Black Swan

by Zach Marsh on Apr 3, 2020

“Domestic animals expect food when they see the person who usually feeds them…The man who has fed the chicken every day throughout its life at last wrings its neck instead, showing that more refined views as to the uniformity of nature would have been useful to the chicken.”   


by Zach Marsh on Mar 6, 2020

While Covid-19, or the coronavirus, is not a stomach bug it certainly seems to be making the markets nauseous.  This week’s daily price movement brought back memories of 2008.  Each day this week the S&P 500 either moved greater than 4% or had a range between its high and low greater than 4%.  Implausibly, at current writing, the index is down just .12% for the week.  Does any of this

Market Commentary for Week Ended 02/14/2020

by David Rasmussen on Feb 14, 2020

Market Commentary

The market continued its relentless March higher this week.  The narrative is that the coronavirus is a short-term negative variable and that it won’t survive the summer.  Meanwhile the United States Federal Reserve is injecting about $50 billion per week into the banking sector as part of their overnight repo operations through 3/12.  They plan to release a new schedule on 3/12 and continue these operati

Skyrockets in Flight

by Zach Marsh on Feb 14, 2020

To say that the stock market has been on a tear lately would be a bit of an understatement.  Since October 1st of last year the S&P 500 is up over 14% and the Nasdaq 100 index is up an impressive 24%!  Additionally, in the past 90 days, the Nasdaq 100 index has finished higher 60 of those days.  The 67% win streak for the tech index is far higher than the nearly coin flip a

There’s A Lot of Resulting in the Results

by Zach Marsh on Feb 7, 2020

As morning broke Monday, with the Super Bowl finish only hours old, the real “answers” started to pour in.  Did Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs win the game or did Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo lose it.  It is nearly impossible in today’s television era to simply enjoy a contest.  No, we aren’t content unless we can assign blame.  Sure, we all like heroes, but a real goat i